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  1. well, u yere nice enoug to send me the first “free lessons” a long time ago, but unfortunately me computer lost connection with my printer and sound so i didn’t get to see but maybe the first couple of days or so of it. i still can’t print but atleast i have volume (for the time being anyhow). ha! thanks, pat gibson

  2. Am sending a check for the DVD piano course, $25.30 immediately by mail.
    I am trying so hard to learn to play piano your way, as WE have very little knowledge of piano playing. thanks for helping us.

  3. Hi Bill, I sent another email to you earlier but wanted to ask about what website younuse for Karoake songs that you referenced in this email?
    Thanks! Ms. Susan
    Susan Justesen
    Also, my email address has changed to I can still receive emails to but cannot send them from that address.
    Thanks! Happy Holidays!

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