Look, I’m not gonna beat around the bush, OK?

I need your help.


First of all, lots of people have been requesting some sort of play piano by ear course, and I just haven’t had/made the time to put one together in the last year or so.

Second, I’d like to take my family on vacation in about a week.

And just what do these two things have to do with you?

Well, the collision of these two events/needs in my brain made me decide to FINALLY put together a full course teaching people how to play the piano by ear.

Although I DO have time to put together the content (well, maybe with a couple of all-nighters), and I’m confident it will be VERY helpful, I DO NOT have the time to put together a bunch of fancy graphics and packaging, etc., etc.


I would also like to get your:

  1. Input before I put the first version together and
  2. Feedback after you’ve had a look at it


I’m giving myself a very SHORT deadline to get this done and out to you at a VERY special price in the next couple of days, but this will be a very limited offer, since I’m (hopefully) leaving on vacation next Friday.

My goal is to get this finished in the next couple of days and get it into your hands at an UNBELIEVABLE price, so I can:

  • Show you EXACTLY how to play piano by ear…
  • At a GREAT price that beats any piano lesson you could get anywhere else, and…
  • Fund my vacation! (Hey, just being honest) 🙂

So how can you help?


In the comment section below, simply tell me what 2 or 3 things you would like to see in the ULTIMATE play piano by ear course.

That’s it.

I’ll be looking at these comments in the next 24-36 hours and incorporating whatever I can to make this one of the best instructional piano courses around.

Thanks in advance for your input.

Please leave your comments below – just 2 or 3 things that you would LOVE to see in a play piano by ear course.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress over the next few days.



My name is Bill Romer and I've been playing piano for as long as I can remember – probably since I was about 4 years old. My earliest memories at the piano are of my Mom teaching me how to read sheet music and sitting for hours playing through stacks of her old music. I took piano lessons briefly while I was in elementary school, but since I already knew how to play from sheet music, learning the basics was really boring, so I quit. Fifteen years later, after finishing school and starting life out on my own, I decided to study jazz piano, and it was the best decision I could have made. It helped me fill in a lot of theory I had never studied, and I could finally just sit down at the piano and play whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I learned all the chords and learned to improvise, too. It was great! These days, I play at dueling piano bars, weddings, funerals, church services, parties and other events and add new songs to my repertoire every day. I still LOVE to play.

    351 replies to "How To Play Piano By Ear… Fast!"

    • Inye

      It is wonderful, because i love it, i agree with some of the comments. This is good but i suggest pianist should look at chord books and experiment but dont do it alone do it with someone.for more go to facebook and searce for inye moses i will give you more info, please am sorry if i have offended anybody. But you cant teach some one to play by ear when he/she do not understand the chord.

    • winer destin

      July 10/ 2010 Hi Bill I would like to recognized the key of the song by hear when playing ! thank you i also received my video by mailling services really fantastic thank you again…!

    • Pamela Duplesis

      I want to learn how to do runs,and I need some help on my rythym.
      I can pick out songs with my right hand but I don’t know what to do with my left hand. MY playing is boring. I want to spice it up.
      I want to see hands on playing so I can watch and know exactly what to do step by step. I only like to play gospel music. I like southern gospel and country gospel. I have a book with alot of chords in them. Can you help me?

    • John

      To be able to change key up or down would be great.I am certainly interested.

    • chief

      Like everyone eles, we are all at different levels.VIDEO,VIDEO,VIDEO!!! LOOK-LISTEN-and LEARN!!! step by step. Finger charts will help me out and I think it will help others too!Thanks for asking for our Help.

    • David

      Bill firstly I must tell you that way back on an earlier email from you I saw “Rocket Piano” and naturally thought you were involved in this so I purchased it! I have since realised I assumed wrong!
      As for an input into your future project, I would suggest writing a short, simple tune showing chord and single note runs, moves and progressions with if possible audio back-up so we could hear how you play it. Hope I am not too late with this email.

      Thanks for all your help,

      Kind regards, David.

    • John

      The three things which I am expecting from your piano guide are:

      1. How, when, why and where to use the all type of chords. eg: dim. aug, dim 7, aug 7, 7, 9, 11, 13 chords.

      2. chords using one instead another not only the major minor 7, 9, 11, etc..

      3. Tips and rules to improvise on piano while the vocals is being performed.

      These are the things which I’m expecting from ur gide. And i’ll be happy to know this..

      thank u,


    • Rick Brinker

      Bill, Thanks for my comments. Being a beginner at piano I think learning songs by ear should help me move forward with more skills. It can get frustrating tring to figure out how to play songs you know but can’t play. I have other video lessons you provided and I love them. So count me in on this new one.

    • Nils-Erik Mauritzsson

      Hi, I like your piano course a lot,very good 🙂

      So hang in there.

      Regards Nils-Erik from Sweden.

    • john duggan

      I agree with john, july 10@9;12 regarding melody with chord
      progressions.We all like to play songs and sound as good as we can. Need patterns in left and right hand that will dress up the music.

      PS, Also agree with john, july 10 @10;36

      Good Luck

    • Madlyn Sparks

      I would like to have an assortment of really advanced chord progressions & fills for the advanced pianist. Also would love to learn how to play jazz piano but need the basic steps to achieve. Can you do a course on this?

    • Bob Vollmer

      Bill, I hit the keys each day, I run the scales and improvise on them some, major and Dorian minor. I know how to make all the chords, but my playing is not good. I just don’t know it intuitively enough to keep the beat. I rely on the sustain pedal to make my playing sound decent.
      I’ve recently started comping the chords in my right hand and that has helped a lot. I comp through the circle of fourths to try to make those transitions intuitive, anything to get my fingers to know where to go in a timely manner.
      I have your three CDs and think they are excellent. I play them while I use my exercise bike.
      For your next one, I would like lessons on “Daily Piano Exercises That Improve How We Play”.
      For example, since I know that pieces of the circle of fourths appear in every song, I practice comping around the circle of fourths in different inversions.
      Also, since I know that key construction is 1M 2m 3m 4M 5M 6m 7dim I would like to find a set of songs that use each of these chords and learn to play them in every key.
      Why? Because then my “Practices” would become melodious while they reinforce my inventory of chords and their inversions.
      Bill, I have purchased CDs from many sources and in my opinion your CDs are as close to private lessons as I have ever seen. I am looking forward to the next one.
      Thanks for requesting our opinions.

    • henry

      thanks Bill your teachings are very ok i will apreciate it if the Learn to play piano by are i released .

    • felix

      hi Bill, yea i see u’re really do a good job, well i will like to see easy access in the mode top play piano by ear. the very best and easy way. Thats it.u are good.. and please send me a copy.

    • Sam L

      A video to accompany each lesson would work well.

    • Julie

      Hi bill, I have been on vacation so missed your e-mail till today.
      I am very excited about learning to play by ear. I want to play praise and worship music for our church and that would just be so awesome. I also have a little trouble making things flow smoothly. You know how some are just gifted and others have to work at it. Well thats me.

      Thanks and please send me a copy when you are done.

    • Frank McGhee, Jr.

      Just got back in town off vacation. I hope I’m not too late. But this is what I think would be great!!! (1). Learning how to add or make the necessary chords to any melody line. (2). How to easily learn the keys songs are played in. (3) How to know when to use a scale, the scale purpose and proper fingering for playing the scales, and (4). How to hum a tune, find the right notes for melody and chords. I hope I got this end on time for your consideration.

    • daisy

      hi Bill Thank you for sending those e-mails with the basic cords. I was browsing on the net and came across your website. I am a novice as I have just started playing piano 2 months ago. I do have a long way to go yet. I do have piano lessons currently which I am finding useful in terms of remembering(still grappling with) the notes, counts rythms etc. . The chords lessons you have sent me certainly expanded my understanding.
      Thanks again

    • Robert K Deschamps

      Being old learning is sometimes slow, but i love to try.
      any new way helps me, Thanks Bob.

    • Alessandro

      Hi Bill,
      I never had the pleasure of actually read music. I think I do play by ear whatever I want but I’m sure it is not enough. I don’t know for instance what to do with my left hand beside basic acords. So I think that I would recommend your course to everybody if it would include a complete sets of nice accords (the ones like C#m9, Bm7/9 – is it an accord?) and, of course, loads of cool exercises so I can memorize the accords in order to be able to improvise in any tone.
      Also I would love to learn how to use two or three finger to do solo with my right hand since I usually use one at s time when I want to play the melody.
      Well, from me I think that’s it.
      I am looking forward to see what will come in your promising “play by ear course”
      All the best to you and good luck for us!
      Alessandro, London-UK

    • joan m logan

      I have always wanted to improvise I have been told everything Iplay sounds the same. Nasty

    • Fiona

      Hi Bill,

      Would love some help with creative intros and extros, also runs, chord progressions, especially to assist in smooth key changes.

      Thanks so much!

    • Don

      Playing in keys of D, E, A and B are difficult. Tips on making these keys a little easier to play in …Also, would like jazz improv lessons.

    • Rob

      Is this new program strickly online ?

    • Bill

      Puting everything together (Knowledge to know and understand music is a little tough but you are doing just that to date please keep it up. Thanks.

    • James

      I would like to know how and when to play alternate chords Iam sorry i got to read you mail late

    • Joan L Payton

      You make learning to play the piano very easy. I certainly enjoyed hearing and seeing the Thelonius Monk trio. They were really great!!!!! Thank you for featuring the jazz groups that I like.

    • Rona Davidson

      Hi Bill,

      1) I think it’s important to explain how to use the 3 basic chords in each key, built on 1st, 4th and 5th tones of the scale, then the Relative minor on the 6th tone of the scale.
      2) Once the above is understood it can be transposed into another key by using the basic chords on 1st, 4th and 5th tones of the scale. Then learn how and when to add a 7th or a Major 7th, sus 4, etc.
      3) Practice playing the 3 basic chords to accompany each note in the scale. i.e. Doh uses the Tonic chord (1st); Ray uses Dominant 7th (5th) Me uses Tonic; Fah uses Subdominant (4th)……
      This is how I learnt to play the guitar and it’s helped me with the piano also. Hope this helps ………………………………………Rona

    • james

      How about an audio section on recognizing bass chord changes. Having taught theory for 40 years to middle and high school kids, their biggest issues is in hearing the bass change from chord to chord; is it up or down; the interval;etc. So I made an audio tape of simple tunes (ala “Ba, Ba Black Sheep”) one time with piano playing the tune and then the second time with the bass overlaying the complete tune played an octave lower. This helped them recognize a bass line change.

    • bernard

      i real like to play that machine with my real heart but when it comes to play i can only play at my on tune ,i need to learn the cords and then i will be knowing that am close to play an thing

    • Michael


      I’ve been playing by ear for years and what I have notice there are patterns to different styles of play. Jazz has a pattern, Gospel be it urban, country, traditional etc., R&B and Rock. Understanding the pattern of these styles of music I think would be a big help both for the right hand and left.

      Looking forward to your finish product and enjoy your vacation.

    • Randy

      I would like to learn how to listen to a song and be able to put it together by ear. How to play the chords (left hand) and the melody (right hand). I have being playing the key board for 4 yrs, I know how to read some music, I have been playing the same songs for the last 2 yrs. Boring huh?

    • deb

      wel i hope to see chord technics, probably the key to unlock the much harder piano chords..pls include ur music composition….it would b great if people got to see you works 😉

    • Alison

      Hi I’m learning to play classical piano but want to play gospel music in Church,

    • Bill

      Tried to subscribe to the ear training course , but the links don’t work.


    • Helen

      Hi Bill,
      Sorry, I read your mail late. welldone for the good work you are doing. I would like to see how to play the “ii v7 and I ” chords and the correct fingering for playing Dominant seven.

    • Keith

      include basics on walking bass – left hand and similar techniques or riffs; transitions from I, IV, V , e.g. diminished and augmented chords; transposing – simple techniques; I can usually play a song in any of 3 keys – like Bflat, or Eflat, or Aflat, but moving up a 1/2 step or whole step is often harder;

    • Shirlyn Khoo

      Hi! Sorry I’m late but still I would like to input. I learn to play by chord about a year ago. I’m still learning how to make it more fun. Now I’m playing for my children church. Is fun playing with the band.
      Video is a good idea for all the teaching it will helps alot ,if you can add in music (the song you teaching without piano playing especially fast songs). Let them play along with the music after they learned. That will encourage them if they can play along.
      I’m teaching my young people to play by chord also in church ,every sunday after service it take about 20-30 minutes only. They get encourage when I jam with them with other instrument. Thank you .

    • joyce screws

      missed the deadline, is it any way i could get in on this. just saw the email today.

      joyce screws

    • irwin

      I want to know how to really play by ear..I know some chords and would like to sit down with other people and just play away.


    • danny

      i get lessons from jermaine griggs[hear&play.com] and others so the bottom line is… they talk too much about scattered things for beginners and intermediate and when they do get around to showning what the lesson is about… we need to see it and see it slow then regular speed. to most people it’s a matter of seeing it slow and hearing it. I hope you do offer a variety of beginning up to professional with less talking and a lot to see and hear.

    • Monique`

      Hi Bill, learning by ear is my weakness, I’d very much appreciate is you can describe different chords, maj7, min7, dim, aug, maj6, min6, 9th chords, altered chords, sus chords in terms of their sound and the colour or emotional effect they have so that I can learn to tailor my choice of chord and voicing. i’m just not getting it, probably because I’m overwhelmed. I would like you to talk it through simply.
      Thanks, Monique




    • innocent

      thanks for your good works and lessons,but convince me as my first time by sending me a copy of some of your sweet chords,thanks.

    • John F

      Hi Bill,I would like to be able to transpose from one key to another without too much difficulty. Thanks for your lessons so far!

    • carlotta lalonde

      want to learn more about circle of fourths and how to use chords in left hand to go with notes in right hand

    • Mary L. Gardner

      I read through the many comments and found them interesting although pathetic in a way. Most of them would like to be able to really play , but don’t have enough experience with the piano. Thank you for bringing this desire to your audience with the encouragement that will get them started in the right direction—I hope. Playing by ear
      has been my joy for many many years and it did not require a set of instructions. A little time at the piano , with some musical ability and the will to accomplish would help. Of course piano lessons would be a good beginning. I like your approach. Thanks

    • Roosevelt

      i need more color in my music been paying for awhile and my playing is boring and i need somerhing to inprove my ear

    • Rick

      1. Take a well known popular song
      2. Show several ways to add left hand chord accompaniment
      3. Show several ways to add right hand extensions to the melody
      4. Show how to play the song in different rhythms–4/4, 3/4. 6/8
      5. Show a complete piano perfornance of the song in all formats
      6. Show how to play the song as a piano accompaniment for a
      singer (perhaps the performer himself).

    • james rawls

      Hi bill i would like to play for my church and thank you.

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